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To condense in a few lines the life story of he who was the true expression of rebelliousness and anarchist utopia is a complicated but necessary task, because the testimony of liberty in struggle that was the life of Buenaventura Durruti must be broadcast yesterday, today and always.He was born the second of eight brothers on July 14 1896 in Leon, city of the Spanish province by the same name. As an adolescent he is initiated on the same path as his father, a workingman affiliated with the socialist union UGT. As a member of his railroad section, he takes active part in the revolutionary general strike of August 1917, promoted in conjunction with the anarchosyndicalist Confederacio'n Nacional del Trabajo (CNT); which caused his being expelled fron the UGT for being too radical, his persecution by the police and his escape to France, where he comes in contact with exiled anarchists, joining CNT of Asturias upon his return in January 1919.He joins the open fight against the aggresive employers in the Asturian mines and is arrested for the first time in March 1919; he escapes and by December he is in San Sebastian, an industrial city in the Basque country, with a job as a metal worker. The bourgeoisie was then promoting a wave of assasinations of syndicalists and Durruti joins a self-defense group - Los Justicieros, they plan a sensational hit in reprisal: an attempt on the life of King Alfonso XIII who would be visiting the City in August 1920, but their plan is discovered and they must escape. Durruti continues doing dangerous clandestine work throughout the nation, meeting Francisco Ascaso who would be his fraternal friend and comrade. They travel to Barcelona in August 1922 and form the group Crisol, that would later adopt a name that would be famous in libertarian history: Los Solidarios. This group brought together the most valuable elements of the catalan proletariat, hitting hard against reaction where it hurt the most, until the Spanish political crisis brought the dictatorship of General Primo de Rivera, installed September 1923 with the King's wholehearted support. Proper praise for what Los Solidarios did in courageous defense of the CNT during that hopeless hour has never been given. Hundreds of militants fell and CNT could barely survive and recover thanks to its deep roots among the working class, but the price was high: most of the Solidarios were killed or served long sentences, while Ascaso and Durruti had to seek refuge in Paris.The failure of the insurrection plans cooked up during exile forces them to travel to Latin America in December 1924, accompanied by Gregorio Jover, in search for funds for the outlawed and persecuted Iberian anarchosyndicalism. Following 15 months of unbelievable adventures including urban guerrilla actions to obtain supplies, unknown in those parts until then, chases and chilling escapes through several countries. The solidary assistance from an endless number of comrades that supported them wherever they went was their infallible resource in outsmarting police persecution.During quiet times they earn their frugal living as laborers, without ceasing to take part in union work from the grassroots, as the legend grows about these men. In April 1926 they return to Europe and are seduced by an espectacular idea: to kidnap the Spanish King and the dictator when they visit Paris on July 14, but are captured by the police and, after a stormy trial, are expelled from France in July 1927. They keep on living as semiclandestine militants abroad until the fall of Alfonso XIII in April 1931.


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This lady I knew kept on loosing her shift to the south wind and breaking it, the wind not the shift. Archimedes ate grapefruit morning noon and night but 'twas an immature walnut which awoke in me the theorem for what the world as a whole calls gravity and I'm thinking that's a fine a word as any for it. Seriously. So, this Saint Bonaventure fella he had him a backstage pass at the Bakunin world tour only a half-century late for dinner- lollapaloser! Peripherally, those little sparkly things is from the tuberculine coughing and the answer to tyranny I don't know, anarchy or otherwise. My answer is to fight fascism with more competent and temporary ruthlessness because most of these bullyboys are cowed by resistance, their ox gored by a smack in the face. I keep thinking back to the Holocaust and wondering what would've happened had the Jews stopped at those railroad stations and said, "Fuck you, I'm not getting on that train." En masse, they could have rushed the jackbooted pinheads and lost a lot less than the six million we know they ended up losing. Life is the schoolyard, me and Julio are down by it and the bullies are fair game and prone to soggying their trousers in fear at the one who headbutts their noses flat to their skulls. Submission is death, instant or delayed but death all the same. I'm over at, posting on the front page under the name "raindogzilla". I do drop by the General's, though the converstional tone in the comments which I really dug, seems absent- along with MzNicky. Still funny. I suspect I'm preaching to the choir here, D., but I really wish I had been born a hundred years ago, back when an individual could still make a difference without the up close and personal cameras in the face asking the aggrieved how they feel about being aggrieved. Rock On, bro.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been back a few times to read over the posting, as my mind is rather distracted by many other things lately...what little mind I have left anyway. Unlike Joe Don, I have no wish to have lived 100 years ago. My Mother grew up in times that were distinctly repressive because of her sex. She should have been born 100 years in the future, where she would have shone, but due to a trick of birth, she made the best she could with what she had, which wasn't much. My darling Mama was a brilliant woman, but was confined by religion and upbringing to a certain role, and unfortunately, try as she might, she could never shed the shackles of societal expectations. She raised four female children, who went on to be realtively successful on their own. Even though she died feeling that she had not fulfilled her destiny, she actually contributed more to the world than the most accomplished CEO. Her sister was equally disadvantaged, and she was a genius. Well into her late eighties, she was playing the stock market - penny stocks, making money and donating the proceeds to children's causes. She was another born out of her time. Although they didn't join in anarchist causes, or run for office, or head up a major corporation, their lives mattered so much to so many who benefited from their efforts. Even today, we can each make a difference. We need to fight the regressive tendencies of our governments by getting out, getting involved and getting others involved.
Off my soapbox now. I get tired easily, so time to rest.

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Blogger durrati said...

Hi What,

You doing O.K.? No serious health problems I hope. Just life and family dragging you down.

How many valued contributions were lost to us? I am sure your mother and aunt were proud of what they did contribute, being a good mother and role model is nothing to sniff at.


I kinda settled in at My Left Wing. As long as you aren't a knuckle dragger you can say pretty much what you want....

I am a student of the past and very much agree with your "schoolyard" analogy but like the times I live, the shrinking of the world notwithstanding. Call me a wuss, but I couldn't live without my shower....

3:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Durrati, It's a black period right now. Damned brain is not producing the right chemical cocktail, so I'm relying on medication, but it's not working so well this time. I still come and visit, but don't have the energy to comment always....just want you to know that I'm still faithful and I enjoy your posts. It lifts me out of the blackness and I actually feel energized - which is rare for me these days. Thank you for your concern. This too shall pass - just not as soon as I want it to, but it will pass. I'm nothing if not determined, but I suspect I shall have to break down and seek the professional counseling that my Doctor has been on at me for the past several months. Life holds such mysteries, and the brain is the biggest of all. Take care of yourself. I'll be back because your posts give me a respite. Thanks. Glad you've found an outlet at Left wing, or whatever. I should visit there if you recommend it. I also would not like a life without a shower, or a functional water closet, or modern dentistry or modern medicine. There is a mission today, much as there was 100 years ago, more's the pity. Why is it that humans do not learn from their mistakes and move forward as a civilization? Why are there still wars, and genocide and racism? It's time to spend time in front of a mindless movie which will entertain, but not enlighten, but will help me to sleep. See ya later.

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Blogger KidKawartha said...

Hi all-
I think I'm just experiencing vitamin-D overdose. The sunshine we've been getting up here has been great. Things are growing, I love my new bicycle, went fishing for the first time this week, and, to top it all off, while helping my teacher brother move his shit from his portable classroom while he was in his last staff meeting of the day, I hooked up with a new teacher at the school who would be overjoyed to take me fishing on two, count 'em, two local lakes. Hallelujah! My tan is getting better by the day, my new chiropractor is smart and aggressive, all I'm missing is a woman as nuts as I am to hang out with (I'm still waiting for whattheh to show up on that front ;).
But have no fear! I'm still carrying enough psych baggage to make a trip to Australia and back with clean clothes every day.
But for the life of me, I have nothing to say on my blog. I'm thinking of starting open threads just for the conversation.
Happy Canada Day tomorrow for me and whattheh! Cold Corona and fireworks.

4:22 PM  
Blogger durrati said...

Hey Kid, good to see ya. I have noticed the lack of activity at your post, as you have dobtless here. Summertime and blogging just don't mix, I work days now and there is baseball to follow and out door stuff on weekends. My nephew has a nice boat and my tan waxes also.
I hope you can answer dear what's questions cause I can't. Why men are so venile is the question of the ages. I try to come up with the answer in the peace at the working end of my rosd and reel but it eludes me.....

6:46 PM  
Blogger KidKawartha said...

I think it's just simply a multi-layered answer. From my male and experiential perspective, I could ask why are women so........insane? Why can't they just ask directly for what they want? Why do they submit to something so ridiculous as fashion or Hollywood body ideals? Why do they tolerate, or even worse, seek out those venal men? You know?
I think that life is a journey, and life, or God, or karma, take your pick, continuously puts challenges or decisions or opportunities in our way to pick up, ignore or wrestle with. I think a more important question is why isn't humanity extinct? With our endless capacity for stupidity, warmongering, suffering and self and environmental destruction, why haven't we reached our point of no return a long time ago? It's one of my reasons for having faith- that someone or something must be holding back the natural consequences of our moronic corporate life.
But, to attempt to answer the question, because they are. Because they were trained to be that way by other venal men and women. Because they're deathly afraid of honesty and self- introspection and death and aloneness. Because it's always, always easier to be banal and stupid and part of the crowd than it is to embrace the journey to become a healthy male. It's why I like the self-identified "fuckups" so much more.
Oops, I just realized that whattheh meant mankind, not males. But I'll let the comment stand.
My last contribution is that I truly believe that evil is an identifiable and personal force. I strongly disagree with anyone who suggests that the universe and all life in it is neutral. Ask any rape victim, or a present day Iraqi or Darfur citizen or a survivor of the holcaust. Evil is everywhere and will always grow and take hold if it isn't fought, and the most important battlefield is the one in our own hearts and minds and spirits.

7:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kid, dahlink, so glad to see you're enjoying yourself once again. That's why I read these blogs, to see how my buds are doing. I promise, I will get up there, but with the present situation, it may not be until next summer. Have to get the brain back in balance. You can call me a surrogate aunt, so your buddies don't think you've gone bananas esquiring an old lady. I'm the one with the grey hair, although someone told me the other day it was silver. Nice of them, but I think they have a problem with their eyes.
Durrati, get that tan, do some swimming, fishing and enjoy - you deserve it.
I don't think anyone can honestly answer my questions, because we are not the type of people that understand war for war's sake, don't understand profit at the expense of the populace, do not understand man's inhumanity to man. Thanks to whatever spirit that created folks like us, because we are the ones who make life better. We fight for equality, we fight for those who cannot stand up for themselves, we fight. Take a couple of pats on the back from me, and stay in touch.

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Blogger KidKawartha said...

I love being called dahlink. It makes me feel like I'm in a 1930's novel. As the heroic, handsome male lead, of course. ;)
A balanced brain is overrated. I think, I can't be sure because I don't think mine has ever, ever been balanced, at least since I was 2 or 3 years old, and maybe not even then.
The Zulu culture calls grey hair the "snows of age", and I think it's right and appropriate- a great, typically African term of honest respect.
And I have more than my share of "snow", for a 38-year old, at least. But I'd take it over all my brothers having hair loss anyday.....
And you should be wise enough by now to realize that a psychiatrist is simply a doctor who helps fix what is wrong with the mind, nothing more, nothing less. Just another part of the body to be cared for properly.
And to hell with what my friends think, the best wines are always the well-aged ones..... ;)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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