Monday, May 01, 2006


Greetings General Sir,I gotta admit Geneal this whole Horowitz business had my head spinnin'like Rosie O'Donnell's bathroom scale on black friday until I saw your painting today of little David sittin' at that commie bastard Lenin's knee. I mean sir, it didn't make sense sir, why would a guy go to a fancy frenchified school like that Columbia in Jew York City, become a communist hiself and work with the Black Panthers, establishing all his tree-huggin', America hatin' bon-a-fides, only to turn around accuse the Panthers of an unsolved murder, turn into Simon Legree overnight and start sidin' up with people who think like you and me do General, sir?

He got a phone call.

That's right sir it's the Manchoorian Candidate all over again.As your picture proves sir, little David did hid toddlerin' in the Kremlin.And I figured out who his Daddy was, how else can you explain Horowitz's resemblence to Leon Trotsky?

See sir, the way I got it figgered is little David Trotsky was kinda of a pet around the Kremlin - Lenin and hell, even old Uncle Joe became right fond of him. But after the big guy died and Stalin had to have poor ole Leon clawhammered down in Mexico he didn't rightly know what to do the tyke. Now the Roosians, I figure was working on them cryonics so when all them Stormtroopers come a marchin' in, why they could just lie in them snowbanks for hours waitin' to ambush 'em. So old Joe had little David frozen stiffer than a frat boy inna room fulla goats. And held prankated into a snow bank somewheres in Siberia till it was time to unleash him on an unsuspecting world. Sir. And I recon when the time's right, after he's got hiself all chummy with the right thinkin' crowd, he'll get another call and turn on us sir. This is all just a Roosian plot to drive us good American's and those frenchified ones too, Batshit crazy (sorry Bruce). I means how else can you explain it sir?


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Blogger Joe Don Martin said...

How do you know JED in KY?

Cuz it feel slippery when he catch you from behint.

mzknickery is guestposting at JG today and I appear likewise not to be banned- perhaps just shunned? I've commented on the iPod and somewhere else I can't call to mind- but that's because my thoughts are always misbehaving.

Chewed On Martin

12:57 PM  
Blogger durrati said...

I was unbanned briefly but the General's security apparatchiks eventually caught up....

Thinking back I shoulda signed it Tennesse Jed in honor of the Dead...

2:57 PM  

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