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Sorry, what, no time to write, Reed will have to wait. I chose to do Joe D.'s suggestion as it was quick. Just a little amalgamation of images plus a song and a quote from the founder of the band "The Durruti Column." At top, as I couldn't find the image of "Gala on The Halfshell" is "Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate, A Second Before Waking Up" by Dali 1944. Explanation: "Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee" was painted, using oil on canvas, in 1944, while Dali and Gala were living in America. The full title explains the subject and content of the painting, which was taken from a dream that Gala reported to Dali. He announced that this painting was the first illustration of Freud's discovery, that external stimuli could be the cause of a dream. The catalyst for the dream, which is the pomegranate, hangs in the air with the bee flying toward it. Behind the pomegranate Gala's dream unfolds over a sea of brilliant blue. A naked Gala lies asleep as she hovers over a stone; an illusion to the common floating feeling that can occur in dreams. To the left of Gala is a huge pomegranate that spills seeds on to the sea below. Out of the pomegranate an angry, pink fish is emerging with a wide open mouth. A snarling tiger leaps out of the fish. From this tiger another emerges, its tail in the mouth of the previous one. The tigers are rushing toward Gala, their claws at the ready, but it is the bayonet, mirroring the sting of the bee, that will wake her.
Second down, a colorful "Durriti Column" album cover.
Third a contribution of Joe D, a nightmarish vision of the cloning of W.
Lastly a better look at my "Durutti" profile pic.

Vini explained the recording methods he employed making the album in a 1995 interview with Mark Prendergast for the US Magazine 'Keyboard': "I remember recording a thunderstorm outside my French window at five o'clock one morning, and overdubbing by playing a Strat straight into a Lexicon, pulling that onto another DAT, and then bringing the whole lot into the studio to use as a backing track for a Spanish guitar lead. Three or four pieces were done in that kind of a way. Peter Hook lives around the corner, so he'd pop in occasionally too."

Evening is unreal
When morning leaves the moon
Approaching most in tears
He dances draped and new [?]
Armed with many warnings
We face the ancient mode[?]
If God battles over
Just one of many roads
Forgotten dream
Peace will come and with it sleep
I clear my mind
Peace will come and with it sleep
Forgotten dreams
I clear my mind and
Peace will come and with it sleep
Forgotten dream
Peace will come and with it sleep
I clear my mind
Peace will come and with it sleep
Forgotten dream
I clear my mind
Peace will come and with it sleep

Take two of those Kid, and mail me in the morning :) ....


Blogger Joe Don Martin said...

Thank you, Sir, may I have another? I've always thought of Dali as my spiritual kin- not so much in the talent department, mind you, just the headspace. I would have liked to set him loose in today's rural America, amongst the oldschool, hottub-sized satellite dishes, front porch appliances, and mobile homes in general- in my mind's eye, I see a Texas(Odessa Permian, perhaps)High School football stadium under the Friday Night lights, the field arrayed in a star-shaped pattern of brilliant white satellite dishes each meticulously oiled with a painting of a woman who I've known Biblically holding the potential offspring of said coupling- courtesy of Conan O'Brian's "If They Mated"- which, if looked at from the appropriate- read "Visitor's" stands was actually a goat's head pentagram with an unpainted dish in the middle, floating in an aboveground swimming pool, holding myself and all three of the Dixie Chicks, in a nekkid, pregnant sprawl, with a loop of "Tonight's the Night/Welfare Mothers" blaring from the public address system while upwards of thirty thousand fenced-in rednecks soiled themselves in consternation. Maybe more like Dali meets, shudder, Christo.

So, who are Pestana and Fanelli as it pertains to Spanish Anarchism?

9:50 AM  
Blogger durrati said...

or Dali meets Altman! Thanks for the tips for future posts Joe, keep tuning in I'll work Pestana and Fanelli in, though I have a funny feeling you already know the answer to your question....

4:03 PM  
Anonymous WhattheH said...

The song is hypnotic, non? I got a chuckle from Joe D's cloning pic, but it also sent a shiver down ye olde spine - I think it was the pointy hats and hitler mustachios. Looking forward to more posts. Hope all is well. I know that work and food on the table takes precedence, but don't be away for too long.
Kid, sleep well. I'm having trouble with the blogger identity again, but I have been reading and trying to let you know I'm there.

9:14 AM  
Blogger Joe Don Martin said...

Incidentally, D., I've patched things up with the General and have been posting over there for the last couple days. I commented a couple times before he emailed me to say I was still banned but we exchanged a couple emails and worked it out. Nobody's interacting with me so far but it's fun to be commenting.

6:31 PM  
Blogger Joe Don Martin said...

As to Pestana and Fanelli, I happened upon an old anarchist yearbook on line- where I can't remember. They had some bad photos of Durutti, Bakunin, Emma Goldman, etc. All it said about the first two was that they were Spaniards, the latter was the "mentor" of the former and that there may have been Spartan wrestling involved.

9:07 PM  
Blogger durrati said...

What, sorry Reed will be up tonight... :)

joe, I think Fanelli was a mentor to Pestana only through reputataion, they lived in different eras, more later...

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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