Saturday, April 08, 2006


In honor of all the news reports breaking of Bush's intention to strike Iran, including the use of Nukes, I give you....

Political Science
Randy Newman
No one likes us-I don't know why
We may not be perfect, but heaven knows we try
But all around, even our old friends put us down
Let's drop the big one and see what happens
We give them money-but are they grateful?
No, they're spiteful and they're hateful
They don't respect us-so let's surprise them
We'll drop the big one and pulverize them
Asia's crowded and Europe's too old
Africa is far too hot
And Canada's too cold
And South America stole our name
Let's drop the big one
There'll be no one left to blame us
We'll save Australia
Don't wanna hurt no kangaroo
We'll build an All American amusement park there
They got surfin', too
Boom goes London and boom Paree
More room for you and more room for me
And every city the whole world round
Will just be another American town
Oh, how peaceful it will be
We'll set everybody free
You'll wear a Japanese kimono
And there'll be Italian shoes for me
They all hate us anyhow
So let's drop the big one now
Let's drop the big one now


Anonymous jackie_o said...

durrati and Friends,
I am ignoring this computer, not you. I hope my hubby gets the new harddrive installed before he leaves on a 3 year tour of insanity, payable in weekly installments, that involve bringing his elderly mother home....and I do mean home, as in our home, for two weeks. Pray, or chant or drink to our health. Whatever it is you do will help. Many thanks.
As to the topic durrati posted today, I guess a conversation with hubby this morning about this very topic caused my earlier slip in decorum, and my subsequent rant on a personal matter.
At any rate, at another blog in an internets galaxy far, far away, I once posted a link to a blog that I believe is operated by a clown disguised as a madwoman. I found her disturbingly amusing, yet worthy of being watched, much as one might watch a horror movie...ugly, but entertaining.
After some encouragement, I continued and suddenly, one day, I found myself being hit on the back of the hand with the metal side of the wooden ruler for linking to the clown site. It is funnier still to see that the image of the blogger clown's photo is still being used for humor at the metal ruler yielding blog site.
I'll get to the point. Read this blog.
His blog is one of a handful I read now. He references the atlas blog and he doesn't worry how many hits she's going to get, because this is as batshit crazy as it gets, and people should take a look at it. They should take a look at the little PJ Media logo on her batshit crazy blog because that means she's kept by the rightwing media, in a purely orthodox way. I'm merely saying that she's (Atlas) a mouthpiece, and her propaganda is meant to hype her deep wish and desire for a nuke to fall on Iran.

11:52 AM  
Blogger durrati said...


I lit three candles, chanted for five minutes and for good measure sacrificed a virgin Marguerita for your continued mental health...

Sounds like you read Mackin' (as in Mackin' Bush) for the same reason my car radio sometimes is tuned to Hannityjob... for recon purposes. read the current Wolcott in which he addresses the repugs not so subtle as they imagine this the one you point out?

I fear for us all; though uncultured to the point of parody this admin will, I believe, heed the advice of Dylan Thomas and rage against the dying of the light....or mimic David Byrne and set to "Burning Down The House"...

1:30 PM  
Blogger KidKawartha said...

I can barely speak/write about this topic- I would call "hubris and insanity go so far off the deep end they can no longer be GPS'ed."
What a great idea. Earn the everlasting hatred of the entire Islamic world, while simultaneously exploding into nothingness what little remains of your world-wide friendliness. I believe Mr. Rove and company are, like the truly cornered rats that they are, actually believing that this would work in helping their re-election issues in 7 months. They are totally, unmitigated fucking insane and need to be put in a nice rough asylum with no exit possible.
Who is the only nation-state that has dropped an atomic bomb on an enemy population?
Who is the only "civilized" nation that refuses to sign the land mine treaty?
Who, in the same category of states, wants the ICC to promise to never, ever procecute American citizens?
I weep for all my American friends and for all that is good in the nation. It is all on the line now- your democracy, your freedom, your tattered reputation as a keeper of the international peace. I've said it before and I will again- only when the last neo-con republican is either in jail or out of politics, will American democracy be back on a reasonable footing.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous jackie_o said...

Forgive me, Good Sir. For patience, thank you. I confess to using this particular subject to vaporize certain lingering negativity toward didactically inclined individuals. I only hope we don't see them appearing as The Skipper and Gilligan in future posts imparting the wisdom of the ages. In the event of a visitation, I promise to play hostess.
The truth is, I was simply Dada when it came to the rules of engagement, and after a little friendly fire, what was a nonman to do. In other words, I just got a little something off my chest.

Wolcott, at least this morning, was focusing on the Atlas shrugs site and immigration. If you're not familiar with her, google the above name and be warned; do not eat before you look at this site.
She is an Ayn Rand obsessed Xenophobic Neocon who makes Ann Coulter look like a disaffected Ross Perot follower.
Wolcott is brillant.

2:59 PM  
Blogger durrati said...

Jackie, nothing to forgive, fire away. Sorry I confused Pammie and Malkin, wingnuts both, but still unforgivable....
I went to Atlas Shrubbed and it was as you said...scary. But remember this nutbag is just pandering to an audience for the bucks. The real threat is in the West Wing. Which brings me to...


It is unfortunate that 50% of the 25% of people who vote here could bring us to this. There is not even time for impeachment. I think that it is time for democratic activists with money and clout to contemplate facilitating a dialouge between the people and our senior military leaders. Surely someone on the Joints Chiefs has got to be thinking WTF. These nuts with their razor thin or stolen pluralities do not have the authority to lead this nation into nuclear warfare short of a nuclear attack on us. I have written to Wesley Clark saying so, for what good that will do...

3:41 PM  
Blogger durrati said...

Oh, and Jacq,

Supposing we all survive this admin and come the democratic revolution I have a great idea for Michelle and Pammie's re-education... What say we strap them to a chair, with you doing the honors of course, and have Martin Sheen and Ed Asner force read them Steinbeck and Thoreau to near organ failure... should this fail we could enlist Quincy Jones and Toni Morrison...whaddaya think?

4:16 PM  
Anonymous Satan Johnson said...


I love women. I love gay people. I have black friends.


...Spermela, Miscegenelle Merkin, and Mann Coulter should be decapitated, their severed heads then inserted up their rectums, and their remains dumped in a pen of starving pigs.

Oh, and in case anyone objects, I have much, much worse planned for the Halliburton Dumpling Gang- males all, even Condi and Karen Hughes- when they either leave of their own volition or are run out of town on a rail.


B.L. Zevov.

6:58 PM  
Blogger durrati said...

Ah, the ever delicate Joe Don,

The Deadwood solution then? No objection here.....

7:16 PM  
Anonymous WhattheH said...

Just checking in before work. Jackie, I hope you get your computer up and working again PDQ. You're a brave woman.

This whole Iran scenario reminds me of Dr Strangelove, particularly the scene with Peter Sellers as the British office, pleading with Sterling Hayden for the codes to stop the bombs. Eerie, and very scarey.

6:42 AM  
Blogger Joe Don Martin said...


Perhaps Deadeye Dick will do the Slim Pickens Nuclear Rodeo into Tehran?

I still think that all this posturing and chest-thumping, these juvenile, neo-con simians aping silverback behaviors- poorly, I might add, will come to naught. China still looms, uncomfortable with our buttbuddy relations with the House of Saud, and our de facto control of the Iraqi product. I don't think they'd just stand by and watch us gobble up Iran as well.

Part of me wants the US to just back off, let Israel deal with the Iran nukulars if they can, and see what happens- like putting a mean, but declawed cat into the oversized iguana's cage. But, then, I'm twisted.


What say we resurrect the POUM, call it the "Orwell Brigade" and take up arms against the fascist forces of Generalissimo Jorge Arbusto? And can we use the Castillian lisp when we say "Generalithimo"?

Don Jose Don Martin- with one of those little accents over the "i".

8:39 AM  
Blogger durrati said...


If only we had Peter Sellers to send up these idiots, they might even behave better.

Joe, I hope you are right, but don't forget, Arbusto is an end-timer, using Nukes might have been the plan all along....and again I don't think even if they are that crazy they intend to attempt to occupy Iran, just bomb the Bejebus outta them to show that Jesus is mightier than the sword....

Resurrecting POUM is an excellent idea (as I am really less of an anarchist than a socialist)...what would be the meaning in English though, I will start, though I am open to suggestions..

Organization to

I am sure , with your verbal highwire act, you can better me....

4:19 PM  
Blogger Sgt Marks-a-lot said...

Durrati & Friends,

This whole thing just makes my head hurt.

The US press glibly describes "an action" to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities. Let's see now, we just fly a few missions into another backward Islamic republic and let fly with some bunker busters and "mission accomplished".

Seems to me like we would be looking at weeks (or potentially months) of taking out SAM sites, destroying command and control systems (located in elementary schools and mosques), eliminating much of the Iranian air force and it might also be necessary to eliminate a good portion of the Iranian Navy as well. With that in hand we could get down to business working on those nuke sites and I am sure we know where they all are because the Iranians certainly wouldn't have learned anything from Israel's 1981 strike on the Tuwaitha facility in Iraq.

On the surface this looks like it must be saber rattling but then I consider the lustrous record of BushCo and I begin to salivate like my neighbors Basset hound on a road trip.

Things are looking so bad right now for Team Bush and the GOP that desperate methods could well be called for. How would the pious, doe-eyed, trusting US public react to the sinking of a Ticonderoga class guided missile cruiser off the coast of Iran with heavy loss of life? The Iranians are reported to have a good stock of Sunburn class anti-ship missiles which sound pretty potent. An incident like this and it would be off to the races. Americans would rush to buy war bonds, turn in undocumented aliens and vote for a strong military, reduced social spending and a strong military. If you are a neocon what's not to like about this plan? We all know that the US would never stage or provoke an international incident that would justify a several month long bombing campaign against a member of the axis of evil.

Any action taken against Iran is likely to have serious long term repercussions. China and Russia are ready to pitch in behind the scenes with any state likely to block or weaken the US at this point.

One major problem is that the Persian Gulf is just a small, shallow, swimming pool with heavy ship traffic. The US needs to transport huge amounts of material to Iraq to support the occupation and the Gulf is the lifeline for oil exports from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iran, Iraq and the UAE.

The Saudi port of Ras Tanura has an offshore pier system known as the sea islands which can berth 8 large tankers (1980's supertanker class). If several partially filled tankers were hit by Iranian anti-ship missiles while loading it is possible that most of this facility could be destroyed. This comprises 8 million barrels per day of export capacity from Saudi Arabia. The Saudi's no doubt at this point have surplus terminal capacity but 8 MBPD is tough to replace in a hurry.

The Iranians are geographically well situated to threaten tanker traffic in the Strait of Hormuz. Qty 2, 1 mile wide ship channels are maintained through two extensive sets of shallows so in a conflict the US would have to have prevent all launch activity of anti-ship missiles from a large swath of mountainous Iranian territory. This would be difficult to accomplish. Tankers are just sitting ducks in this situation.

Any disruption in crude shipments out of the Persian Gulf would very rapidly impact Western economies with devastating effect. We can all be comforted with the knowledge that Bush is receiving direct transmissions from his heavenly father.

Sorry, this is not very coherent but I must get to bed. We live in interesting times.

9:00 PM  
Blogger durrati said...

Thanks, Marks,

for your thoughtful and chilling analysis. I am sure the felons in the situation room are now weighing the casualties of such an "action" against Iran against possible electoral scenarios as we speak. At this point we can only hope that someone on the joint chiefs will stand up to these madmen. If not it sounds like it could be a long cold winter next year.....

Appropriate the way you ended with that old Chinese curse.

Thanks again,

3:49 AM  

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