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We met some good guys, now one of the bad. Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera was born in 1903 scion to a minor aristocratic family. His father, Miguel Primo de Rivera was a general in the Spanish army who would, in 1923 establish himself dictator of Spain, suspend the constitution, establish martial law, imposed strict censorship, and ban all political parties. Father and son were both slippery characters, couching their philosophies in the dialectical terms of socialists, a favored tactic of the fascists. Once in power, however their preferred methodology was propping up the traditional rule in Spain of the Church and Aristocracy while persecuting leftist political parties and train unions. Though Jose Antonio was captured and put to death by the Republic for his part in his Organization’s (the Falange) part in the uprising of the generals, his party was merged with Franco’s Carlists to form the one party that would rule Spain for the next 40 years. In the following speech made by him one can fairly easily discern his attempt to seduce individuals of all political stripes to participate in their own demise by buying into his B.S. His prose style in this respect reminds me of a certain extremely unpopular American politician, what do you all think?

"The Nation is a complete unity, wherein all individuals and all classes are integrated. The Nation is a transcendent and individual synthesis with ends of its own to achieve; and the state which it brings forth, shall be the efficient, authoritarian instrument which serves that unchallengeable, permanent, irrevocable unity which is called the Nation."
"We want less liberal verbiage and more respect for the deep liberty of man. Man's liberty is respected only when he is regarded as the corporeal envelope of a soul capable of damnation or of salvation. Only when he is thus regarded can his liberty be said to be truly respected, and still more so if that liberty is combined, as we demand, in a system of authority, hierarchy and order."
"We want all to feel they are members of a serious, complete community. In other words, there are clearly many kinds of tasks to be performed: some manual, some mental, others in the educational or social or cultural fields; but in a community such as we seek, let it be stated there must be no passengers and no drones."
"We want no song about individual rights of the kind that can never be enforced in the homes of the hungry. Instead, let every man, every member of the political community, simply by being a member of it, be given the means of earning a just and decent human livelihood by his work."
"We want the religious spirit, which is the keystone in the finest arches of our history, to be respected and supported as it deserves; but that does not mean that the State should either interfere in functions which do not belong to it."
"The Falange regards man as a combination of a body and a soul; that is, as capable of an eternal destiny and as the bearer of eternal values. Thus the maximum respect is paid to human dignity, to man's integrity and his freedom. But that profound freedom entitles nobody to undermine the foundations of public social life."
"The Falange cannot regard life as a merely interplay of economic factors. It rejects the materialistic interpretation of history. The spiritual has been and is the mainspring in the life of men and peoples."
"All revolutions have hitherto been incomplete, in that none of them has served both the national idea of the Nation and the idea of Social Justice at once. We (the Falange) combine those two things: the Nation and Social Justice, and upon those two unshakable principles we are categorically resolved to make our revolution."
"We realize that a nation is not merely the attractive force of the soil on which we are born, it is not that direct sentimental emotion that we all feel in the presence of our own earth, but a nation is a unity of destiny in the world order, it is a plane to which a people has risen when it fulfils a universal mission in history."
"Work is the best claim to civil dignity. Nothing can deserve more attention from the State than the dignity and welfare of workers."
"The first purpose of wealth is to improve the living conditions of the many, not to sacrifice the many to the luxury and profit of the few."
"Socialism proclaims the monstrous dogma of class warfare. It proclaims the dogma that warfare between the classes is indispensable and occurs naturally in life, because there can never be any appeasing agent. Thus socialism, which started out as a just critique of economic liberalism, has brought us by a different route to the same pass as economic liberalism: disunity, hatred, separation, forgetfulness of every bond of brotherhood and solidarity between men."
"The Falange has certain coincidences with Fascism in essential points which are of universal validity; but it is daily acquiring a clearer outline of it's own, and is convinced that by following this path and no other it will find its most fruitful possibilities of development."


Anonymous WhattheH said...

His words speak for themselves. He and he alone knows what's best for Spain and God is surely on his side. Everyone else is unpatriotic. It does sound vaguely familiar...hmmm wonder where I've heard that rhetoric lately?
Tin pot dictators all sound the same in the final analysis.

Stopped in yesterday, but didn't have time to more than scan. And now, back to work.

5:37 AM  
Blogger durrati said...

Hope you have a good day, what, thanks for coming by....

6:06 AM  
Blogger Joe Don Martin said...

I had a delightful Pasta Primoderivera last night for dinner, like a rat-atoille w/noodles. So, did the generalissimo allow you to-homosexually-come aboard?

"O Senor Don Gato was a cat
On a high, red roof, Don Gato sat
He was there to read a letter-
Where the reading light was better-
T'was a love letter for Don Gato..."

George W. Bush is a shit-stain in the drawers of the world.

Senor Joe Don Gateau

11:48 AM  
Blogger durrati said...

hola, senor,

turns out Primoderivera was fey....or rumored so...

4:56 PM  

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