Thursday, March 30, 2006



Horde those sardines, little mothers,

We will hunger to be free,

And while I cannot speak for others,

When I soldier I eat voraciously.

And we'll see little wheat from Gaul,

Who will fuck as history is written,

And little meat from John Bull,

Whose precious capitalists we've smitten.

No, I fear, my little mothers,

We will hunger to be free.

The Germans will doubtless send us loaves,

Of steele, to blow up our houses,

And the Italians will send us groves,

Of men to tear at our daughters' blouses.

The fascists will not fail to feed,

Us death, to us and many others.

We will hunger to be freed,

Horde those sardines little mothers.



Blogger KidKawartha said...

Whattheh and Durrati-
Your stories are unique and yet my life experiences with them never ceases to cause a part of me to go into a rage inside. I don't advocate violence- almost never, but sometimes....
Of the dozen or so women I've dated in my life, at least 3 that I know of had a history of abuse. It it the most frustrating thing in the world to be a proactive partner who wants his girl to become all that she can be and not be able to do much of anything re: this issue except toe the line respect-wise and tell her/show her over and over again how beautiful she is. And yet I've found that sometimes, only after the relationship is over can she move to the next level of healing. Don't get me started on how it affects my faith life in issues of the value of womanhood and innocence.
Someday I'll tell you about my Grandpa and my handicapped aunt and the rumors in my family. When he died, I felt nothing but "good riddance".
That all being said, I'm getting a kick out of how the comments relate/don't relate to durrati's posting themes. This should be a lot of fun.
And, lastly, whattheh, if you're ever in Peterborough and need a celibate date who's pretty good looking and reasonably articulate (I clean up good!), just drop me a line and we'll make all your "mature" friends so jealous they'll be green.
Thanx to both of you for your courage and honesty- it's the journey, not the destination.

P.S. new post up at my place.

12:02 PM  
Blogger durrati said...


You sir were off topic and so not worthy!!! I can probably find some typos in there too!!!!And she was "your" girl? What is that passive agressive shit all about?Gawd damnit and I gonna have to get all petulant and stop commenting to get you in line? ;)

God, I am glad to be out of that fascist blog...

Hurrying over to see you post, thanks as always for the input..

12:13 PM  
Blogger KidKawartha said...

Tell us how you really feel. And my spell checking in that post was near perfect. As far as "ownership" in dating with me, I moved myself and all my shit 3,000 miles to Chicago to be with my fiance' at the time. What a mess that was- she was and is a wonderful woman, but it would've went right off the cliff in a year or two if I hadn't called it off.

12:25 PM  
Blogger durrati said...

If we get all P.C. about "my girl" there goes like three quarter of Tha Andy Griffith Show and half our popular songs...

12:31 PM  
Anonymous WhattheH said...

Canuk, I thank you for the invitation, and have your site in my favourites now.
A couple of problems. 1. Although I love Peterborough, I rarely get up in that direction, although once a year I visit a friend at her summer trailer in Lindsay. 2. Although there is roughly 19 years difference in age, that wouldn't ordinarily cause me a problem, but your diet definitely would. I've raised two kids - 17 and 19, who eat much better than you do. Mydear, your fuel needs some octane. 3. Sadly, I spent so many years working hard to sustain myself and support my kids, that I have few mature friends left. Friendship requires nurturing - I didn't do that for many reasons. Ergo, I have no one who might be jealous of my posturing with a younger man. That doesn't mean that I won't take you up on your offer one of these days, so don't think you're off the hook. Offer accepted, when I get to Peterborough!

9:06 PM  
Anonymous WhattheH said...

Canuk, one thing I forgot. I'm an atheist. We're doomed.

9:15 PM  
Blogger KidKawartha said...

Those are the nicest things anyone's said to me for a while. And one day's shopping isn't indicative of my whole diet! ;)
I love food and food of all kinds. But I hate complex cooking just for myself. I don't eat enough fruit/veg, but I try. And health/weight wise I'm very good for having a semi-broken back. Nevertheless, spoken like a true mom....

9:17 PM  
Blogger KidKawartha said...

That last one came up as I was typing. Too funny. It's ok, I'm 1/4 atheist myself- the rest is as it says.

9:18 PM  
Blogger KidKawartha said...

One last thought-
Looking forward to meeting you for some real food here sometime.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous WhattheH said...

Hey kid, cmon to Mississauga. I'll make you a feast you won't soon forget - of course your arteries might suffer, but that's a small price to pay. Semi broken back? What is that about? I hope you weren't doing something really foolish to impress someone. Must go visit Montreal Simon now, so good night.

9:55 PM  
Blogger KidKawartha said...

Sorry, I thought I had some of that up on my site. I'm here in Peterborough from eastern Ontario almost 4 months now b/c it's a place I can live easily without a vehicle. I am on Ontario Disab. and CPP disability as of last November- cartilage damage in both knees and right shoulder, moderate to serious lower back spinal arthritis and the long-brewing diagnosis of Obsessive/Depressive Personality Disorder. So stress and any extended physical activity are intolerable. That being said, I walk a ton, have a YMCA membership I'm slowly engaging, etc, etc. I'm just literally reinventing my life right now in accordance with the above and trying to do so as gracefully as possible. It's kind of like forced retirement at age 38, and I'm just trying to make the best of it.
So getting to Mississauga would be difficult, not that I wouldn't make the effort if it was reasonable. BTW, I studied at Humber College north in Rexdale for a year in the 80's. Now, if you're a Jays fan, I'm hoping to see a couple of games this year. ;)

10:17 PM  
Blogger durrati said...

I am fortunate; I made it to 45 without a broken bone or hospital visit... and still, despite my best efforts, enjoy undeserved good health. Keep on truckin', canuck...

10:29 PM  
Anonymous WhattheH said...

Whoops, another nail in our coffin. I'm not at all into sports. I do love the symphony and live theatre. One connection - I was one of the first year students at the first year of Humber College when it opened. As a matter of fact, I was Queen of the very first prom. Not something I usually brag about, because I'm a bit (okay I lie) of a feminist, but it was fun. Notwithstanding our problem with symphony versus sports, we can still connect for a beer or two when you come for the game. You don't talk sports, I don't talk theatre, but expect a lecture on eating habits - this mom business is hard to kick.
Keep on fighting, and keep on forcing yourself to concentrate on the positive.

10:30 PM  
Blogger KidKawartha said...

Hey, I love theatre- I'm just completely ignorant experientially. ;) My ex-fiance took my to the London cast presentation of Les Miz in Chicago. (I know, musical isn't exactly theatre) She couldn't understand why it brought me to tears and not her- she loved it but didn't get the French subtexts.
Queen of the prom. That's great! And now you're Queen of the obscure literary-oriented blog threads.
Que sera sera, we'll see what the future brings.

10:59 PM  
Anonymous WhattheH said...

Well, that's one thing we do have in common. From the moment in the cafe through to the end of Les Miz, I cried my eyes out, particularly during that song that Marcus sang about his lost comrades. Jeebus, I swore I'd never listen to or watch another performance, yet went out in a weak moment and bought the CD, then taped the PBS 10th anniversary show so I could wallow in misery. I loved that show, yet hated it too. Of course, I cried my eyes out during the original Beau Geste - Gary Cooper, Brian Donleavy, Robert Preston. Ah, I see what you mean about obscure literary...Hmmm, that explains why my 19 year old daughter and I don't connect anymore. Damn, I must look into the punk no, we'll connect again after she retrieves her brains from the sewer she threw them down a year ago.
Thanks, Bud, you gave me the gift of a laugh, and I really needed one today.

7:42 PM  
Blogger KidKawartha said...

Hmmm. You know/remember about 20 times the detail I do. It was, gosh, 15 years ago for me, and the only time I've seen any of it since was that parts of that PBS special, which just didn't compare to the live musical, yet the primary theme- what's the line? Just tears me up whenever I hear it. Your daughter sounds like she's in that mother's worst nightmare phase. Does she have the fundamental character from her great mom to see it through and come out the other side stronger, or is it just painful?

7:58 PM  
Anonymous WhattheH said...

There's a grief that can't be spoken.
There's a pain goes on and on.
Empty chairs at empty tables
Now my friends are dead and gone.
Oh my friends, my friends forgive me
That I live and you are gone.
There's a grief that can't be spoken.
There's a pain goes on and on.

Phantom faces at the window.
Phantom shadows on the floor.
Empty chairs at empty tables
Where my friends will meet no more.

I've often wondered why we pay outrageous amounts of money to attend a play which embues us with such sadness. Mind you, it is cathartic in a way, n'est-ce pas?

I'm sure my daughter will come out okay, but it will take a few years, and it's painful as heck right now. Funny, I got through the first 18 years of her life without any issues, but darned if I'm not paying for that now. Thanks for the sympathy - believe it or not, it helps to have a shoulder to cry on.

5:10 PM  
Blogger KidKawartha said...

What little I can offer digitally, I will. If it helps, then my day has had purpose. Of course, I have no freakin' clue what play you're talking about. ;) I'm vaguely familiar with a couple of the lines, but that's it!
As they character wins out in the end, and I'm sure the one she inherited is in there and strong somewhere.

7:34 PM  
Blogger durrati said...

What and Kid, I am enjoying your missives, particularly the poetry, and feel no need to comment further :) carry on...

8:30 PM  
Blogger KidKawartha said...

That last sentence is in reference to your daughter. Note to self: preview better.

8:37 PM  
Anonymous WhattheH said...

Kid, the lines pertain to the previous note about Les Miz and Marcus' song regarding his lost friends - Empty chairs and empty tables.
Re my daughter, I know what you meant - no need to explain. And thanks. This too shall pass, painful as it is. It's an interesting process I'm going through. When I lost my boys, I vowed never to have children again, thinking if it could happen once, with my luck, it could happen again - Lightening really does strike in the same spot. When I realized the biological clock was ticking, I reconsidered and my beautiful wunderkind was born. I had 18 beautiful years with her, and I hope after a few bad years, I'll have a few more wonderful years, but that's a book yet to be written. The saddest thing of all, and the most hurtful, is that she has cut off all contact with her brother. My son, at 17 is one of the most level headed, non partisan people I know, was her best friend and defender - before this new crop of friends that neither of us know. He regularly takes me to task (rightly so) for my shortcomings, but is equally good in acknowledging my strengths. He loves his sister very much and cannot understand why she has chosen to cut him out of her life. Pragmatist that he is, he has decided that she is a lost cause. It breaks my heart because it reflects my stormy relationship with my own brother. Geez, I should really write a book. Even I can't believe all the oddities in my life - when you write them down it sounds like fiction, and I haven't even started. I suppose it's the same with all of you. When I read Jackie's posts, I'm amazed at the trials, tribulations and strength, yet I know she's only posting a small sampling of the trials she's experienced. Same with you, Durrati and Marks.
We are the Champions, we are the Champions of the world - Queen reference. I sang and danced to that one at 2AM in Washington's ambassador's row (think it was Chevy Chase) in the 70's - another oddity.

9:34 PM  
Blogger KidKawartha said...

I grew up when Queen was just hitting their mark. Champions was a high school anthem for a while. Bicycle was such a great song, too.
Now I recognize the lines. It was just faint.
Re: My blog. I'm just rethinking it, may actually start all over. I'm having trouble finding my starting point, or at least one I can stick with. Capische? Someone around here gave me some good advice, and I can always use that to channel my manic energy better. Give it time, my muse (and my snark) are just broken at the moment. And my FUCKING Maple Leafs are driving me up the wall! Sorry. ;)
Keep me/us up to date on your offspring. Love will win.

9:43 PM  
Anonymous WhattheH said...

Hon, a blog is a reflection of the blogger. Snark is a requirement in a satirical situation, however other areas work equally well. Look at Durrati's blog - It's not about satire or snark, just very interesting historical information and poetry and commentary. Find a place inside that is comfortable, then use it. I'll read regardless. As far as the Leafs are concerned - I stopped watching in 69. It's not about the game anymore, it's about money, and that's where sports ends and corporate bottom lines take over. There's no heart anymore. Forgive me, but it's true.

10:35 PM  
Blogger durrati said...

I can't believe you old Queenies didn't mention this one:

Is This The World We Created?....

Just look at all those hungry mouths we have to feed
Take a look at all the suffering we breed
So many lonely faces scattered all around
Searching for what they need

Is this the world we created...?
What did we do it for
Is this the world we invaded
Against the law
So it seems in the end
Is this what we're all living for today
The world that we created

You know that everyday a helpless child is born
Who needs some loving care inside a happy home
Somewhere a wealthy man is sitting on his throne
Waiting for life to go by

10:50 PM  
Blogger durrati said...


follow your heart brother...

10:53 PM  

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