Friday, March 03, 2006

Hugo Sperrle

General Field Marshall Hugo Sperrle was born on February 7th, 1885 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. He flew biplanes in WWI and was awarded Knight’s Cross with Swords of the Hohenzollern House Order by a grateful Kaiser. After the war he waded about in the sewer of German Right Wing politics. In 1935 he joined the reformed Luftwaffe and began his life’s work – bombing the hell out of civil populations.
His heroic action at Guernica is generally accepted to be the genus of a new kind of war, “terror” bombing.
His naturally horrifying fascist bastard good looks made him a favorite of Goering and Hitler who rightfully thought his countenance alone to be adequate to cow civilian populations.
He parlayed his success at Guernica to command, under Goering, of the Luftwaffe. Using the methods he perfected in Spain, he went on to flatten Warsaw and lead the Luftwaffe into the Battle of Britain.
The less said of this piece of shit the better, but he escaped the noose at Nuremberg (probably because of Dresden and Hiroshima) and was allowed to sully the face of the Earth until his death in 1953.


Blogger Sgt Marks-a-lot said...

D. - Sperrle was lucky to be directing operations in France, rather than flying over England, or he wouldn't have survived to be tried at Nuremberg. Sperrle would have met his fate prior in front of a Hurricane or Spitfire.

Thank God Fascists promote only those that understand and respect brute force. May we yet be delivered from the Gospel of Brute Force.

8:25 PM  
Blogger durrati said...

Amen, Marks-o, it's like the "rise to the lowest level of imcompetence" theory; but they manage so much murder before they pull the house in on themselves...

9:17 PM  
Blogger Libby said...

Why does this remind me of Negropointe's arising from the dead of Honduras to be appointed by Bush to train the Iraqi death squads? Hmmmm.

2:52 AM  
Anonymous WhattheH said...

Libby, I never thought of that angle, but it fits. It's surprising the number of parallels, or should I say disheartening.

5:32 AM  
Blogger durrati said...

What and Libby,

I fear that it is not so much a matter of what man learns as what man is. Although we all rightly scoff at the travesties the ill-lettered have constructed from it, The Bible is a fine piece of literature and reminds us, since Cain slew his brother out of jealousy, that evil exists in our world. As for Dubya, it seems that while he grasps this concept he either has no idea how widespread (and close to home) it is, or, more likely, is part of the problem....

9:17 AM  

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