Sunday, March 05, 2006


I had to get the stink out of my blog after writing about those guys! Thanks to dear What I know just how to do that, with some Robert Service.


As in Bordeaux I took the air
An ancient house I passed,
And someone told me it was there
That Goya breathed his last.
Adrift from his beloved Spain,
The splendour of his day,
In twilight penitence and pain
He passed away.

In peasant hovel he was born,
And to the bull-ring rose,
Killing with insolence and scorn
His toros, I suppose.
With gutter drabs no stucco saint,
By courtly dames adored,
His right-hand held a brush to paint,
His left a sword.

See in the Prado in Madrid

A picture on the wall;
Grotesques and satires Goya did,
But this out-horrors all.
A naked girl a monster dread
Is clutching chewing off her head
And blindly chewing off her head
With bloody jaws.
In all the world there is, I swear,

No picture more obscene;
One wonders in what dark despair
The painter's mind had been.
What brain diseased could thus contrive? -
Yet I forgive him for
In hellish horror, I believe,
It symbols WAR.


Anonymous WhattheH said...

I'm always in flux with poetry and art. There is always a favourite, but that only lasts until my next favourite comes over the horizon, although I never forget because my moods are mutable. I always remember and return to those artists (prose, poetry, art) who move me.
Robert Service has remained one of my constants. Always one of my favourites, but sadly, he's been forgotten today. It's nice to see one of his evocative poems in print, outside of my well thumbed book.
Goya has a place in my heart as well, so it's a perfect marriage. Thanks to you.
Of course, I'm also one of those freaks who reads a variety of obscure poets for fun e.g. Homer, Dante, Milton, Musgrave, Goyette, Frost, DelaMare, Noyes, E. Pauline Johnson etc . My taste is prose is even more freakish, and art - there's no hope. I'm a philistine, but I'm enjoying it and my eclectic tastes give me comfort.
Thanks and Keep on blogging.

2:59 PM  
Blogger durrati said...

Thanks for the listing, whatthe, there are some that I need to acquaint myself with....

3:19 PM  

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