Saturday, February 04, 2006

What's inna Name?

Before I catch a ration of shit for misspelling the name of the great leader of the Spanish Civil War, Buenaventura Durruti, let me explain that I changed the spelling lest anyone think that everything that I post is factual or true, googled and vetted for accuracy. Sometimes I am mistaken. Sometimes I lie. This ain't the New York Times.

I chose to use Durruti's persona out of admiration for the man. Not only was he a leader of the only popular uprising to oppose the takeover of a government by Fascists in all of sorry-ass pre- WW II Europe, he was by all accounts a rogue and a scoundrel, an inspirational leader of men, and hindered Franco's takeover of Spain by several years. When the Nationalists allied with Franco sought to seize control of the city of Barcelona, Durruti led his confederation of Dockworkers, Taxi-Drivers, Hotel-workers and laborers into the streets to defeat them and on into the hills of Aragon to set up defensive positions. The proletariat in the cities of Madrid and Valencia, heartened by Barcelona's defiance, took up arms to defend their recently won democracy. Durruti died on either November 20th or 22nd 1936, killed, it is rumored, by Stalinist agents as he positioned his troops to defend Madrid. Although there is much controversy and disagreement about his character and methods there can be no denying that while Mussolini and Hitler subjugated Italy and Germany with hardly a whiff of resistance, Durruti helped to spare Spain from such disgrace. In an America where Freedom is bartered for the illusion of security, where an Orwellian nightmare of an administration tramples on our rights in order to defend them, where "Homeland" rolls off the lying tongues of neo-fascists who are apparently immune to all irony we could use a few men like him.


Blogger Farnsworth said...

Welcome to Left Blogistan, and thanks for the link to One Pissed Off Veteran.
The Spanish Civil War has always been of particular interest to me, since one of my relatives (my mother's cousin) was over there with the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Thank you for keeping its memory alive.
BTW, did you know that the Abraham Lincoln Brigade still heads the Attorney General's List of Subversive Organizations? Of course, the list is alphabetical...

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